Flowers  on  the  Final Floor

Fun Fact : there are over 120 species of Fish in The River Thames!

Fabulous Far-reaching Vista

40  miles on a clear day

Fresh Fruit  Salad at The Oblix

(I will expand on the importance of food  in another blog post)

Note to self: I can conquer negative feelings


 Friday the Fourth of September - My Forty-Ninth Birthday!

This year I am focusing  on
F words.

It is also an opportunity for me to stop and take stock of my life, enjoy the present whilst shaping my future  and share all those thought provoking F momentsto dispel the fear of approaching Fifty.
 I am going to expand a little on birthday
 I am a very emotional person and  I confess that I posses an over-sensitive streak. Birthdays have morphed from a day of excitement and presents I experienced as a child into a weird day of fear. This began as my four children reached school age and the end of the summer holiday merged with my birthday. The kids would gather around to give their birthdays offerings with big excited smiles for the birthday mummy and looked confused as I turned into a tearful wreck, overwhelmed by a sense of loneliness as they were going back to school. I enjoyed being part of a lively gang during the summer. This was further complicated by my Non-Hodgkin's diagnosis in my early Forties; each year feeling the fear of becoming closer to my demise. But, things are looking up. I have mastered my messed-up birthday feelings with the help of my long suffering husband who clearly found my strange approach to birthdays too distressing. He now takes the day off work and we plan a fun outing. I no longer feel lonely on my birthday and I look forward to planning a special day. I have said on many occasions 'He's a keeper' and this is one of the examples that proves that point.