My husband is an absolute diamond and my children are little gems too.

They are all extremely supportive of my crazy ideas and dreams. More than anything they give my life a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

F blogging Fact:

This is my finalF word post and a fond farewell to all my fabulous followers. 

If you follow my twitter feed you will stay informed of what life has in store for me next! 

  • Focusing on positive relationships and creating lots of fun moments has definitely been life-affirming.

I intend to continue my focus on fun with family and friends as it has been an amazingly positive experience. I am going to work my way through my ever increasing bucket list with the help of my long-suffering husband. He has bought me a FLYING lesson for my birthday to finish of my F word blog with effin style!

  • There is no point setting specific fitness goals (I failed at the 10,000 steps a day).

Instead, I will just make a conscious effort to plan active, fun days that get me moving and fitter.

Friday 2/09/2016.

My crazy year long countdown to effin 50 in F words on a Friday has come to an end. This is my last effin blog post as  I will officially be 50 at the weekend. I thought it would be important to reflect back over the past year and feedback what my year of F word blogging journey has highlighted.

  • Life is a lot more fun if you share it with family and friends

I have had a great year creating lots of special memories. I have enjoyed films, walks, museums, art galleries, weekends, book clubs, a dog walking group (despite having no dog), Spanish lessons, drumming sessions, family holidays, a GP's peer support group, Christmas decoration making and so many more .....


they were all really special because of the people I shared them with.

  • Family bonds are important and worth nurturing.

As a family we have celebrated weddings, birthdays and have organised special outings. It has been lovely watching the next generation playing together too and cementing those special family relationships.

Life has undoubtedly had difficult and sad at times too but they have been made easier with the support of family and friends.

A one hour flight with Classic-Wings!

Nature's treats

Week 0 Final Blog Post

Prinjha and Scott family antics

  • Setting a theme and a weekly blogging routine enabled me to stick to my blogging resolution. has been a positive and achievable goal. It has enabled me to practise my writing skills regularly in preparation for my final OU module, Advanced Creative Writing. Hopefully, by the end of next year I will have completed and passed my English Degree.

  • You are never too old to learn something new.  Embrace the opportunities and give it a go!

Who would of thought I would be working on my Grade 1 rock drumming and getting stuck into Spanish classes.

Focusing on F words help me uncover and learn new facts at exhibitions and museums I otherwise wouldn't have discovered, for  example the stunning fresco in a local Forge .

Next on the list is to join a local choir.

  • Taking time to appreciate the  natural world is always worth it. It can be relaxing, uplifting,  inspiring and give back lots of positive vibes.

This year I have been a regular on Phoebe's Friday walks and have appreciated the Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire countryside. My fake dog walking has allowed me to observe the seasonal changes in our local woods. However, I don't need to travel further than my back garden to discover some beautiful flowers and fruit trees.

I still find sunrises and sunsets magical and I will never tire of looking out for rainbows shining through the rain.