We had a family gathering to celebrate a First birthday. It is traditional to have a big party for the first born male but customs evolve and now there are parties for girls too.

It was a great excuse to get the family together again and have some child-centered fun and games.

The face-painting was popular with both young and old. I decided I would keep with my F theme and settled on a frog! I could have chosen all sorts of pretty F related pictures like 'Fairy' or 'Flower' but true to form I chose something a little less glamorous. It reminded me of when I chose my wig when I was having chemotherapy. I could have really glammed  up and had an amazing hair-do. I tried on several that took years of my life or made me look fabulous and trendy. However, I settled on a wig that I could do bed hair with as I didn't think the kids would cope if I looked coiffured every day ! 

Whilst others adorned their faces with delicate faires, stars and flowers I had a large green frog sat on my cheek.

It was a great Sunday afternoon spent celebrating a family birthday with good old-fashion entertainment of inflatables, soft-play, magic, balloons, face-painting and lots of cake.



It was not only the face-painting that was a huge hit across the age divide. There was fierce competition at the inflatable penalty shoot out. It is always lovely to see the family having inter-generational fun together. 

History of face-painting :

Face-painting dates back thousands of years between  different cultures and a variety of reasons

  • Camouflage for hunting or fighting
  • Religion -many tribes adorn their faces before spiritual rituals to honour Gods
  • Entertainment- to enhance a costume.
  • From the 1960's -hippies gave it importance as symbols were used to show allegiance to certain anti-war movements
  •  Children's face-painting as a fun entertainment at parties or fairs has really taken off in Western Europe and the USA from the 1980's.

And some people never grow out of joining in with the  kids!

Week 3

Friday 12/08/2016


Even the adults can't resist!

Penalty  Shoot Out

Another favourite with the adults!