I will keep you posted on how long this fitness incentive lasts but I am feeling more confident this year.

I would also love to hear your resolutions for 2016. You can contact me through the contact page.

​Thanks x

This is how​

I came across a half price fitness tracker. OK, the only one they had left in my size was a very visible bright red but it was reduced. The combination of a cheap fitness tracker and walking for free could be the answer to my fitness problem. I decided it would be worth a try and it also solved the problem of what my husband could buy me for Christmas. Job Done.
My husband has set it up and I have googled how to use it effectively. I have decided that I won’t complicate things too much as that is when I start to fail to keep up. I now have a friendly, omnipresent 
fitness tracker to motivate and monitor my goals.

Happy New Year


Week 35

In contrast, my January  resolutions have tended to be vague, generic announcements about improving my fitness but as for most they usually fizzle out within weeks (or maybe days).

This January I am again going to focus on
fitness because:

  • within the past 18 months both of my parents have suffered heart attacks. They were both fortunate in that there was not much lasting damage to their heart muscles but it has been a wakeup call for them  and what my mum called 'the car crash effect' has rippled out to the wider family.

  • I have been a little concerned about my personal fitness because 2015 saw the end of my canoe club membership, my Friday Pilates classes and my regular swimming sessions.​


I am going to approach it in a different way with a stronger resolve.

 I have replaced my usual limp non-specific resolution with:

fitness resolution for January 2016 is to walk at least 10,000 steps a day


I recognise the beginning of a new year twice in my annual calendar.

September is the start of a new year for me too. It is the beginning of the school year and helps focus my mind on the ensuing year for my children and the support they may need for the academic year ahead. This year is a GCSE and A level year in the house and therefore I have tried to focus on planning ahead to create a reasonably stress free and supportive environment for exam success. It is a hard balance between support and nagging and I am constantly trying to readjust.
September is also my birth month and therefore marks a personal new year. This year, I set myself a September resolution to blog an F word each Friday until I am 50 to make family, friends and fun the center of my life and writing. It has helped me focus on the positive and encourages a mindfulness approach to living and celebrating special moments. I also hoped that it would encourage me to write regularly. I need to practise my writing skills for the final module of my Open University English degree, Advanced Creative Writing. I will be starting this in October 2016 and will therefore have had a full year run up to it through the weekly blogging.

So far this resolution is going well. I am having fun and I have not missed a Friday f word blog post yet.