However, out of the blue, my son came to the rescue.

I received one of those very scary phone calls from his PE teacher, 'Hello Mrs Prinjha, nothing to worry about'. I always find that sentence creates a clenching in my stomach and then I have to hold my breath until the whatever I am not supposed to worry about is blurted out. The poor P.E teacher was informing us that our son had been injured in a rugby match, in which he was representing the school. Luckily, we established early on that it wasn’t too serious, ‘just a possible broken wrist!’ Unluckily, the team were playing away so it was a bit of a trek to go and collect him. The upside was that the away school was a lot closer  to A&E. As soon as I set eyes on him my medial training kicked in and I knew straight away from his pale face and then the intolerance to the bumpy car journey that it was indeed fractured  and went into my doctorly ‘Let’s get this sorted out mode’ and informed him that it I was pretty sure without even looking at his arm that it was broken and we just need to go and get an x-ray and plaster.

Week 41

Once the painkillers kicked in he started to get some colour in his cheeks, smile and look on the bright-side. He negotiated  Domino’s pizza for tea, talked of how he would be entitled to an early pass for lunch at school and would get lots of extra attention from his siblings. My role as  mother including training in 'making the most of things' and 'not letting things overwhelm you' had paid off and he was doing really well on that score. I gingerly asked whether I could use Fracture as this week’s F word. He knows me only too well and just grinned at the idea that I had taken advantage of his pain and injury. No point wasting a good F word handed to me in a plaster. 

I optimistically tried to balance his guitar in his plastered left arm and concluded that he would need 6 weeks off his lessons. I even wondered whether I should have 6 guitar lessons so as not to waste the money but decided that I should follow the  'Life is too short' policy and let it go. I obviously postponed the weekly 20 length swim we do together until the plaster is off! I did however benefit from an extra drumming lesson this week.

Fracture Facts: May is the most frequent month for kids fractures (apparently)

I am not one to miss a golden opportunity and whilst fractures are not good things to have it really was still a life affirming moment: it could have been a whole lot worse!


The A&E staff were fantastic. He had painkillers, an X-ray, a back slab plaster and an appointment to be followed up in fracture clinic all within an hour. A little part of me enjoyed the clinical setting as I a have done time as A&E junior doctor as part for my GP rotation. I quite liked the buzz and bustle and it wasn't out of my comfort zone.

He was subdued and tearful in the car so I bided my time as the F word crossed my mind. I didn't want to appear uncaring and all about my blog.


What a week!

I had planned a great F word (which I will keep under wraps as I will dust it off at a later date) but was thrown into a family crisis. Priorities prevailed, the F word came and went as I quite rightly needed to focus on on my mum. She had a serious health problem and spent the week in hospital. In between visiting her, staying overnight with my dad to keep his spirits up and travelling backwards and forwards to keep an eye on my family I thought my F word for this week was doomed. I wasn't upset about failing my blog as that would be weird. Family and friends come first.