Drinks mat made of a Record

Not sure the kids would know what it is!

But I'm old enough!

Friday 23/10/2015

Week 45

Fizzazle - highly recommended!

This week has been party week.

2015 has been a bumper year for big 50th birthday celebrations. A large chunk of our school and uni friends have been hitting that '0' full on with memorable celebrations. Last weekend saw a little flurry of parties. Friday evening was a friend’s fun 50th with the added spark of salsa enthusiasts twirling and swaying those hips on the dance floor. The word salsa slaps a massive grin on my face. I can't even think about it without a little chuckle. Several years ago my husband and I tried in vain to master the art of salsa. It wasn’t something he was keen to do.  He is well known for his disco moves but it has to be said he is not so great at following routines. We have been to many a Ceilidh for weddings or fundraisers and I spent a fair amount of time trying to find where he had gone!  However, when I was having chemotherapy I realised that he would try almost anything to please me. Who wouldn’t milk that and get salsa lessons under the radar?  We had more than the required left feet between us and embarrassingly never did get past the beginners class. We saw others graduate to intermediate and beyond and finally gave up after we restarted the beginner’s sessions for a third time. However, we laughed like we hadn’t laughed in a long time. My chuckle muscles (cheek muscles) literally ached after those sessions. We had great fun dancing together and it was definitely, for me, one of the silver linings in my cloud of chemotherapy. We made time each week to get a babysitter for our four children, who ranged from 4- 12 years. It was a precious two hours of close couple time with intense bursts of laughter- very much needed and had potent medicinal qualities.

So it was great to  have a glass of fizz, watch the pros execute their pristine salsa routines, reminisce and laugh about our salsa classes then hit the dance floor when the DJ put on those 80's disco tracks.

Fun Fact; To date the longest recorded flight for a Fizz cork is more than 177 feet!

​​​So, one party could be seen as enough for a weekend especially for those of us who are regularly in bed by 10pm but we had the rarity of a double party weekend booked in the diary. I was going to pace myself with an afternoon nap on Saturday afternoon but time rushed on and it didn’t happen. We jumped on the tube, hit the west end and a nightclub near Covent Garden for a family birthday party. Now, my husband has a very extended family. One generation spans decades. We are at the elder end of our generation- with 20 years from our end to the other. However, that doesn’t hold us back. That is probably evident from week 47 and our Glastonbury tickets. We love music and we love a dance but the freestyle general 'bopping' type. We went clubbing at the Fountain with the youngsters (I was so pleased it was an F word club- always good for an F word blog). I felt compelled to order the only cocktail beginning with F- Fizzazle- luckily I like passion fruit and champagne. I had more fizz courtesy of my brother-in –law, who is well known for his love of fizz of the champagne variety. The music was great as there was a lot of 80’s music that had been remixed for the club scene. It was somewhat comforting to hear some  familiar lyrics  and the fizz certainly helped the age gap fade. 

The  Fizz flowed