​Week 48

Friday  ​2/10/2015

​​This  week I am going to confess my obsession with Seniors films.

My friends and I can often be found at The Empire on a Wednesday at 11 am, queuing up for a £3 ticket with a free cuppa and biscuit. I can hear a gasp of disbelief! Don’t you have to be over 65 to go? How do you manage to get in? I am flattered when people are surprised that I make use of this great facility. It has to be said that in this day of anti-ageing products and the desire to put the clocks back who in their right mind would try and get away with being older?

My mother has an anxiety about ageing and has declared that she will never go on a SAGA holiday because she is not going to get old. She says 'age is a state of mind'. On the contrary, I was really excited to find out that SAGA is for the over Fifties. I am nearly eligible and I have to confess that my main urge to book a holiday with them is to shock my mum. Perhaps one never grows out of the desire to shock one's parents! In truth, I don’t yet feel I need the extra support that SAGA holidays offer but bring it on when I do, especially if there is a reduction involved.

Thinking about it, I must take after my dad. He was delighted when he became eligible for his free bus pass. He has been known to disappear off for a bus ride just because he can. That’s the spirit! I am not wishing the years away but I am looking forward to my bus pass too. I love spontaneous travel and can picture myself jumping on and off random buses to see where I might end up. My only worry is that because we are an ageing population the taxes won’t cover our bus passes and a whole lot of other things by then too. So for the moment, while it is available I am going to make use of the treat of a freebie coffee and biscuit (if a ginger one is on offer) with a film on a Wednesday morning at the very convenient time of 11 am. It is ideal for us mums who have to be back for school kids.

​​​It has been 70 years since the end of the  World War 2. Whilst it is a fun, flighty work of fiction it also acts as a reminder about the sacrifices our forefathers made for our freedom.

​I was fortunate to visit t​he incredible  poppy installation at the Tower of London. It commemorated the Centenary of the beginning of World War 1. It was a very visual display of a gradually growing sea of blood red poppies. It was both beautiful and shocking and again a reminder of the sacrifices made for future generations.

I worry about how we are using the planet's resources and the problems we are creating for the future​.

​I wonder what sacrifices we are making for future generations?

My first foray into the world of seniors films is a funny story. I had pre-checked earlier in the week with the staff whether they follow the age requirement as it would be embarrassing to be turned away on the door. On being reassured, I persuaded my friend that we should give it a go. That first Wednesday we waltzed up to the ticket booth to be greeted by 'Do you have any ID?' A panicky look crept across my friend's face. I knew the usher was pulling her leg due to my prior enquires. She then laughed and said ‘I don’t know whether to be worried about not getting in or pleased that you noticed we are too young!’ It was a weird moment of reversal of the days trying to sneak into a nightclub at the age of 17. After the usher laughed and gave us the tickets we were then told that all the tickets go into a prize draw. I couldn’t believe our luck; cheap cinema tickets and a free prize draw. ‘What is the prize?’ I enquired excitedly. He replied ‘a cruise!’ I realised how gullible I was when he burst out laughing. I mean how they could give out a free cruise every week and I should have remembered his sense of humour. The prize was free tickets to go back to another screening which obviously wasn’t as exciting but still who can complain? It has become so popular that they don’t need the incentive of raffles and free ticket. It is a great morning out on the town for those of us who tire before 10 pm and need an early night.


​Fact: 888,246 Poppies were installed at THe Tower of London.

​Each one represents a soldier from the commonwealth who died in the First World War.

This week's ​film was ‘A Royal Night Out’, a romantic comedy about the queen celebrating on VE among the common people, incognito. As many works of fiction it is anchored in grains of truth as she did allegedly dance the conga at the Ritz Hotel. However, I'm sure the love interest was pure fantasy.