This week has been a fairly quiet one. I felt the need to keep the house calm and organised to ensue a smooth transition back into a school routine. It has been a week of  early nights, morning alarm clocks, PE kit and uniforms hunts. However, the enforced slowing pace and routine has given me space and time to focus on this weeks F word :  Fundraising  

It has been a sombre week with many thought provoking images. The shocking photographs of the drowned boy swept up on the beach alongside photographs of his distraught aunt in Canada  added a personal layer to the media coverage of the plight of the  Syrian people  that has engaged and motivated many people. They could relate to the family and their suffering in a way that the bigger picture fails to connect. Whilst I am concerned and deeply upset about the conflicts  occurring in many parts of the world those photos compelled me to investigate  ways to participate in helping. Sitting at home worrying is clearly  not an effective solution. I discovered that alongside the big charities, like The Red Cross, there have been many initiatives organised by individuals or groups on smaller levels too. These ranged from students  setting up an Amazon wish list for the refugees in Calais,  a teacher organising a library of donated books and musicians collecting donated instruments. It is humbling to see how people can give so much of their time and energy to help strangers. I felt that our best efforts would be to support the fundraising of the Medecins Sans Frontieres, who have rescue boats in the Mediterranean ( ).

Week 51

This latest crisis has also reminded me of my own fortunes.This week my parenting frustration was to decide whether to let my youngest have a computer fighting game that had an age rating older than his age, deal with the fallout of being a seemingly inadequate parent and try  to stay calm throughout the process. Unfortunately, the staying calm bit proved too difficult and some shouting did occur. However, I am grateful and extremely fortunate that I have not had to decide whether to risk my children's lives by fleeing a war torn homeland. The usual ups and downs  of family life with four teenage children, a job and a husband with a fulfilling but busy career can be overwhelming at times. However,  the fact that I have not had to face life and death decisions or insurmountable problems puts things into perspective and keeps me focused on my own life affirming moments.  

Friday   11th September 2015

Fact- More than 2,600 migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean this year