Fun footgolf Facts :

FootGolf has at least been around since June 2012, when the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG) was founded (but might go back to Spain in 2008)

The first 'FootGolf World Cup' was played in Budapest, Hungary in 2012.

Maybe one of mine will have enough practice by the time it has Olympic sport status!

 It is the end of exam season and the long school summer holidays have begun in our house. My aim is to balance the downtime on social media with active time in the fresh air and face-to-face socialization.

This week I headed off with my younger two, whilst the oldest is starting his new placement job and the second one was abroad on holiday, to spend a week with their cousins. My sister-in law and I planned an interesting and varied week including intrepid walks, the MAD museum in Straford-on-Avon, a session on enormous trampolines and nine holes of footgolf. It is amazing how the word 'museum' meets a grimace but the kids were pleasantly surprised with the Mechanical, Art and Design museum of amazing kinetic and interactive installations. Footgolf and the trampoline session were  met with much more enthusiasm by the children. Some of my guys had played footgolf with our German exchange student and it had proved to be a hit with the teenagers.

Week 7

Friday 15/07/2016

Tricky shots: Bushes, bunkers and brambles

We spent an enjoyable hour and a half racking up over 6,000 steps in a friendly competition of nine holes of footgolf. We also had some practice at map reading skills whilst negotiating the course.I think we probably need a bit more still. It took us some time to realise we kicked our balls into the 8th hole instead of the 2nd- it always helps not holding the map upside-down. Not once did the children complain about walking around in the fresh air and the countryside setting. There were no holes in one despite a £50 prize and the fact we were over par by at least 20 kicks was not a huge surprise. I was given some helpful kicking advice to improve my football skills and there was plenty of friendly banter. It is all about taking part- I certainly was not a winner. It was a successful outing and I think the children will be happy to play another round.

I will continue the challenge of trying to balance downtime, which often seems to involve social media, with more sociable and active activities!

Footgolf and Cousin time

Beautiful scenery of the golf course

Victorious at the end of the footgolf competition