Glastonbury 2016

Wellies- best invention EVER!

Musical highlights

Glastonbury City from Worthy View Hill

Worthy View Tent Village

Stormy Weather and Politics but Rainbows and Community too 

The mud was very challenging as it took so long to move around the festival city and it was difficult to sit down to rest our weary legs. We were very grateful to some local friends who offered us a lovely warm shower and some fresh toast. However, if you could see the funny side of the sight of thousands of revellers wading or sliding through the mud without a care for getting messy or those dressed in white carefully keeping their clothes spotless it was a hilarious people watching opportunity. I also think of welly boots in a different light now- what a great invention! I have so much love for my wellies that kept my feet and legs relatively clean and dry all weekend.

We have returned exhausted, emotional, with lots of muddy clothes. However, we will no doubt be back to encounter more music and fun. It is on my bucket list to hire a camper van next time as our airbed kept deflating, it was a tad cold in the tent and think there is even more fun to be had after a good nights sleep.

Village Shop

We arrived on Thursday early evening in time to unpack the car and organise our tents. We had managed to book 2 two man pre-erected scout tents on Worthy View campsite. It is not glamping but a step up from the free-for-all camping in the main city. There are well organised showers and toilet blocks that are constantly cleaned and restocked with toilet paper and hand sanitiser. There is also a village shop, coffee van and several catering tents selling delicious treats throughout the night. We then set off down into the main festival site to start the fun. I will never tire of the view from the top of the hill of the fields that are home to the festival for the weekend.

There were so many special, fun musical moments packed into the weekend and it would be hard to mention them all but a few of the highlights were-

  • Madness's sing-a-long to Our House then the whole crowd joining in for  'Always look  on the bright side of life' as we walked away. As a teenager I was a big Madness fan and remember sitting in my bedroom with a tape player, stopping it after every sentence to write down the lyrics of  'Baggy Trousers'. I was so happy to sing along to every word- nothing wrong with my long term memory.
  • Discovering Elle King and watching her strong and sassy rocky performance.
  • The  Heroes Symphony, composed by American composer Philip Glass in 1996 based on the album "Heroes" by David Bowie, played by Army of Generals and members of the British Paraorchestra. It was conducted by Charles Hazlewood and accompanied by a haunting sonic laser performance by light artists Chris Levine. It was a beautiful tribute to Bowie. 
  • Adele was so emotional about her biggest gig at Glastonbury and that emotion seeped into the audience.  She chatted naturally with the crowd about her Glastonbury fun in the past. It was a wonderful treat to hear her live and echo back her songs.
  • Coldplay had a special set accompanied by fireworks, lights and confetti and they rocked it. Due to the masses crowded into the main area we decided it safest to dance on  the edges with our LED wristbands that were programmed to light up in time to the music 

The Peace Dome

We had fun exploring the hippy roots of the Green Fields packed with traditional crafts and the  Healing Fields of alternative medicines. It is the ideal place to stop for a vegan meal, which is a huge relief due to my milk and egg allergies

Week 9

Friday 2/07/2016

Glastonbury 2016.... here we come!

For my husband, Glastonbury is all about the music. He is a self-confessed music addict. He has a favourite music shop in his home town that he tries to pop into when we visit his family. He normally returns with at least 10 new CD's each time, sometimes more. He has a massive collection of a wide-range of artists from Opera to Rap. However, he is not a camper, preferring the mod-cons of his house.

Glastonbury to me is the hippy culture. I like the outdoors and am happy camping. I like music but am not an addict. Glastonbury music festival is the perfect compromise for us both to have our own kind of fun.

Wadding through highways of mud

Stone Circle, Green Fields, Healing Fields and Vegan Food

Life is a rollercoaster. One minute we were settling in for afun weekend of music and the next depressed at the referendum outcome. It was impossible to ignore the vote to leave the European Union that was announced on the Friday morning just as the festival was really starting. I was really upset about the result and the huge divisions it has created amongst the British people. However, Glastonbury was the perfect place to receive such devastating news as there were moments of solace in the Green Fields. The peace dome and  healing tents are a reminder that we must hold onto our humanity and treat others with love and respect, even if they have a different opinion. I reminded myself that although it wasn't the future I had hoped for  my children we are still privileged to have some form of democracy and we are lucky not to be in the throws of a civil war. The music of Glastonbury, spread over 100 different stages and arenas, also offers small glimmers of hope. Music cuts across  many of the man-made boundaries: racial, political, gender and religious divisions. Music holds the power to get a party started, infuse fun,  give a voice to vent feelings, can  help the healing process and bring folk together.

Thinking back on Glastonbury 2016 I will remember it is where we were when we heard of the EU result. I will also not forget the thick, sticky mud and the scattered rain showers . However, when I think about Glastonbury a smile always breaks across my face. It is mostly about the immense fun that listening to live music in a crowd of fellow revellers  and the powerful feeling of a shared sense of community with complete strangers that music allows.