To cut a long story short approaching Fifty  has focused my mind.

My Life story in a nutshell : both parents were teachers, three brothers (alas no sisters), (Indian) husband, four children (2 boys, 2 girls), qualified but now ex-GP, Cancer survivor and currently an Open University English student and a 'wanna be' author.

I simply wanted some inspiration to write regularly but with passion  and what could be a better way than a -

Fifty-two week Friday countdown to Fifty? (Rhetorical!!)

Now the owner of a Domain (Effin Fifty - sounds rude! I know) and with the skills of a novice  web builder I am going to chart the weekly demise of my Forties with life affirming experiences laden with  a multitude of big fatF words;

Family, Friends, Fun, Fitness, Food,

Ph(F)ilanthropy, Facts,  Feelings and other F's I Find !